Monday, November 26, 2007

Less Talking, Please

I don't have much energy to put into this post, and Nick N. already did a nice write-up on the subject, but I'm getting tired of former Twin Torii Hunter. I really liked Hunter while he was with the Twins, and I was even able to look past his new-house shopping on every road trip this season. This offseason has been a mess, though, as Hunter's talk continues to be contradictory. I used to think that the Twins and Torii were equally responsible for the way the handling of Torii's pending free agency, but I don't feel like that anymore; Torii has convinced me that this mess was all his doing. The latest in a series of contradictory statements was the worst:

"I didn't want to leave the Twins. I just felt like they were ready to
leave me. They thought I was too old to do a five-year deal."

This quote was in a Joe Christensen article on 11/22 in the Star Tribune, and it sounds like a heartfelt statement from a player disappointed to leave his team of 11 years. But then, Hunter says this yesterday, in Sid Hartman's article:

"I just wanted to make sure I was with a team that wants to win... I just didn't
feel the Twins were that ballclub."

So, in other words, you didn't want to stay with the Twins? I don't want to have any ill will towards Torii when he comes back to the Dome for the season opener, so I just hope he stops making these kinds of statements before he tarnishes his reputation even further.

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