In order to help readers sift through old posts, there are labels applied to each entry. I assume you know what they are, but just in case I'll explain them. On any given post, we attach a label or few based on what the topic of that post is; that way, in searching for posts about a specific player or topic, you can simply click on that label to find them grouped neatly together. Alternatively, you can search the blog (in the top left corner of the page) for any term, but that will bring up all posts where that combination of words appears, which serves its own purpose.

Anyway, the purpose of this page is to let you know what each of the labels mean, although most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Click on any of them to read all posts with that label.

[player's name (i.e.: Joe Mauer)]- that player is a main point of the post
[team nickname (i.e.: White Sox)]- recap of game against that team
24- something to do with the TV show 24
AllMLB- Picks for All-MLB 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd team
All-Star- something about the MLB All-Star game/voting
Amherst- something at/about Amherst College, which Twin #1 attends
Announcements- site news and changes
Awards- relates to end-of-season awards (MVP, Cy Young, etc.)
Bracket Pool- bracket pool that one of the writers is running/participating in
Defense- defensive plays of the week/year
Division- discussion of other teams in AL Central
Doubleheader- recap of a doubleheader
Draft- discussion of MLB draft
Fantasy- related to fantasy sports
Farewell- recaps a player's time with the Twins after he leaves
First Post- first post ever by any writer
Game Balls- tally of game balls for the year
Game Log- a running diary of a game
Georgetown- something at/about Georgetown, which Twin #2 attends
Grades- grades for player's performances in a season
Highlights- a summary of the top games/moments of the season
Hot-Cold- a weekly look at which Twins are and are not playing well
Hot Dog- related to the Fourth of July hot dog eating competitions
Injury- a Twin is injured or an update on an injured Twin
Minors- mainly about minor leagues
MLB- mainly about baseball in general and not the Twins
Monthsummary- summary of a month of the season
NBA- relates to the NBA
NCAAB- relates to college basketball
NCAAF- relates to college football
News- only for news about the Twins; roster moves and the like
NFL- relates to the NFL
NFL picks- picks for NFL games
NM- something going on in the writers' hometown
Offseason- ideas/predictions for off-season moves
Opening Day- on/about Opening Day
Playoffs- relates to the MLB playoffs
Podcast- has to do with our podcast, "Rooting for the Clothes"
Predictions- predictions by writers or others about upcoming season
Preview- a preview of an upcoming Twins game
Profile- a profile of a Twins player
Prospect List- list of Twins or MLB prospects
Rumors- rumors about moves the Twins may make
Sabermetrics- mostly based on advanced statistics
Seinfeld- relates to Seinfeld (greatest TV show ever)
Streaks- summary of season streaks and other feats
Soccer- about soccer
Tennis- about tennis
Twin #1- written by Twin #1
Twin #2- written by Twin #2
Twinkies- regards end-of-season awards for the Twins
Ultimate- relates to Ultimate Frisbee
Walk-off- recap of a game Twins won/lost on a walk-off hit
Yearsummary- summary of an entire season

Last Updated: August 13, 2011