Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tyner is Teamless

Update 12/12 6:42 PM: It's official, according to Joe C.

Things are beginning to happen in Twin-land even though no Santana deal has been completed as of yet. Seth Stohs is reporting that Jason Tyner was non-tendered on Tuesday. He was probably set to make around $1M in 2008. This moves comes as somewhat surprising, but after the signing of Craig Monroe, it makes some sense. The Twins already had Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, and Delmon Young in the outfield, with recently-acquired Jason Pridie in AAA. To me, this means something is in the works for a centerfielder, as I don't see Pridie or Monroe starting there. Then again, I didn't really see Tyner starting there either, but I guess it was more likely than Pridie, who should start the year in AAA, or Monroe, whose defense is much better suited for a corner spot.

It's weird for me to think about, but I'm actually somewhat sad to see Tyner go. I liked his effort and hustle on every play. Even on routine groundouts, he would go all out down the first-base line. I guess he's basically like Nick Punto, except without the aggravation because I'm not subjected to watching him get 536 plate appearances (and Tyner's numbers were much better in 2007)..

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