Monday, April 7, 2008

Joe Nathan in SI

While the Twins lead the White Sox 3-2 in the bottom of the sixth, I just got my copy of SI (yes, the mail is slow here), and thought I'd share Joe Nathan's responses in "The Pop Culture Grid."

Gossip story that still fascinates you: "Talk to my wife"
Favorite thing to chew: "Steak"
Favorite thing to microwave: "Grandma's leftovers"
Car you're dying to test drive: "Livan Hernandez's Lamborghini"
Worst singing act ever: "The Twins in our recent commercial shoot"

Also, Delmon Young is featured in the "First Person" section of SI, but I'm not going to retype that whole thing (it's probably on And it doesn't sound like he plans on changing his free-swinging approach:

"If you think you can hit a pitch, go ahead and take a hack at it... the easiest way to get on base is to swing the bat."

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