Friday, May 23, 2008

Everett Heads to DL

Apparently Adam Everett did not spend enough time resting his shoulder on his last trip to the DL. Perhaps he played too much pick-up basketball. Or perhaps he took up tennis for that short period of time. But whatever the case, he's back on the DL, making it three Twins' middle infielders occupying a space there. With Nick Punto and Matt Tolbert already out, the Twins' choices at middle infield are becoming quite sparse. Alexi Casilla and Howie Clark have already been called up, and now Matt Macri will also be joining the big league club. I like him a lot better than Clark because he's still at least a fringe prospect (he'll turn 26 on May 29th). Again, though, his defense has been far from good, leaving the Twins with a very frustrating infield. With a combination of Mike Lamb, Macri, Casilla, Clark, and Harris at second, third, and short, the infield will certainly continue to be underwhelming defensively.

Perhaps not just defensively either. Would anyone ever have thought that we'd be pining for Nick Punto's offensive contributions from last year?

Nick Punto's 2007 OPS: .562
Adam Everett in 2008: .559
Mike Lamb in 2008: .518

The Twins move to Detroit for a three-game series this weekend. Tonight's game will pit Kevin Slowey, who's still searching for his first win, against Armando Galaragga.

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