Saturday, May 10, 2008

Injury Bug

The Twins started the season as the only team without a single player on the DL, but since Michael Cuddyer went down with a thumb injury in the fifth game of the season, they have suffered their fair share. Here's a summary of the seasons' injuries and subsequent missed time thus far (off the top of my head):

Michael Cuddyer (thumb): 15-day DL
Scott Baker (groin): 15-day DL
Pat Neshek (elbow): 60-day DL (presumably)
Kevin Slowey (I forget): 15-day DL
Carlos Gomez (hamstring, head): 3-4 games
Nick Punto (hamstring): 2 games (OK, so he shouldn't have played anyways)
Brendan Harris: injured today, unclear

And that's not even mentioning the disaster that was three starts by Francisco Liriano.

Oh, by the way, the Twins did win today on a walk off single by Mike Lamb, and I'm waiting to see the highlights on Sports Center now, as I was in the car all day, but it sounds like it was a great game.

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