Monday, August 4, 2008

Glory Days

Memo to White Sox fans: in case you've forgotten already, the view from the top is pretty nice. You know what else is nice? To see Francisco Liriano back and pitching well, showing flashes of what made him so unhittable back in 2006. He did throw 96 pitches in six innings, and he walked three batters, but overall he was excellent. He struck out five and allowed just three hits, and showed some composure in pitching around an error by Brendan Harris that loaded the bases in the third inning.

All in all, a 6-2 victory over the Indians moves the Twins ahead of the White Sox for first place in the AL Central. Who would have guessed the Twins would be in first place as late as August 3rd this year?


  1. TANYAAAAAAAA8/8/08, 6:14 PM

    REAAD MY BLOGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The last week of work was crazy. Especially since my supervisor was in Nebraska, and not answering her emails. But I finished almost everything I wanted to... the grant... the youtube movies... the facebook page... the treasure hunt for the ESL class... the BROCHURES (since week one!!). It was good to be done with everything. She gave me a checklist at the beginning of my internship, and the only thing that I had not finished/worked on at all was the picnic for AC students. Although I didn't know how we could have had that if she was gone.

    In all.. I really loved my job (although this has been consistent). It was interesting, varied, resume-building, and needed work. I will miss all the students in teh class, I hope I see them around town again. I will also miss the excuse to wear business clothing.

    Even though this was a sort of local-- how do I describe this? Local, modest, small, sort of close-to-campus and easy-to-get internship, it was a very very good "stepping block" for higher, future internships. I now have lots of new computer skills, more job experience, and two excellent references. And what the heck, it was my first year of college-- you don't need to go somewhere big to make big change.

    I am so excited for next year. I love school.

  2. Hahahaha!!! So Asian-- look at what you said.

    you don't need to go somewhere big to make big change.

    Just reading that I automatically had to switch to the accent of a Chinese person who speaks broken English.


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