Thursday, May 7, 2009


This will not be long, and I'll use the Twins' frustrating loss as my excuse, although it's really because I have to do a good amount of work tonight.

When you outhit a team 14-9, you expect to win. This is especially true if, through seven innings, you've outhit the other team 13-6. What was the score at that point tonight? 4-4! Jose Mijares then hit his first bump, allowing 3 hits and a run to take the loss.

And, since I was watching on Gameday, I can't really get too bent out of shape about it, but Denard Span's called third strike in the ninth inning looked to be far outside. Anyone want to let me know if it was as bad a call as the below picture indicates (it's pitch #8)?


  1. Well I was watching it since we get the Orioles games here, and it looked like a strike to me on TV. It was a sweeping breaking pitch, though, which makes it hard to tell, and Span checked his swing, which probably makes it seem more like a strike too. Overall I would probably trust the Gameday data that says it was outside, though maybe not by that much.

  2. I was watching with Twin #2 and though you may not know this but I used to ump little league baseball and softball and it looked like a strike to me too, along with the fact that Span initially committed to the ball.

    Also, I would like to put you on blast and say that if you are going to give your fake excuse followed by a real excuse for such a brief post, you might as well just give both of them as excuses and let the readers choose which one they think is the more legitimate excuse. And I was just going to call you out but Twin #2 specifically requested that I put you on blast.


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