Tuesday, May 26, 2009


[Edit 5/27/07, 1:28 AM: I've just purchased MLB.TV, meaning that I will be watching almost every game from now on. This is very exciting, as I've only been able to watch a handful of games the past few seasons.]

This is going to be very short, as I've already spent a lot of time today working on very long posts meant for later this week.

The Twins beat the Red Sox 5-2 in the second game of the series thanks to a good start from Nick Blackburn and a three-run homer from Justin Morneau. Blackburn had a season-high 7 strikeouts in 7 innings, and gave up two runs (one earned). I was nervous when Gardy sent him out for the seventh inning, but Blackburn allowed only an unearned run in that frame. Matt Guerrier followed that with a perfect inning and Joe Nathan closed out the game for his seventh save.

Nick Punto also had a good day, which has been the case on rare occasions this season. Although he did make an error, he had two hits, including his third double of the season. His OPS jumped up to .516, though his average is still below the Mendoza Line.

Delmon Young is going in the opposite direction. Since returning from the bereavement list, he is hitless in 12 at bats and has 8 strikeouts, dropping his average to .242. It's getting harder and harder to hold out hope for Young, but maybe (just maybe? Or am I just wishing here?) these most recent struggles have been because of the passing of his mother. Whatever the reason is, he's running out of time to prove himself a competent Major League hitter.

That'll do it for this post, but like I said, I have some big posts coming later in the week, and one of them will probably be tomorrow.

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  1. Ooo jealous... the rest of us that are too poor will be watching on mlb gameday and hoping for another awesome game tonight...


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