Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Outfielder saves the game, the other gives it away

Now THAT'S why I bought MLB.TV. If I'd been watching that on Gameday, this is what the 10th inning would have looked like...

Joe Mauer doubles (8) on a line drive to left fielder Wladimir Balentien. None out.
Mark Lowe intentionally walks Justin Morneau. None out.
Jason Kubel flies out to center fielder Franklin Gutierrez. Joe Mauer to 3rd. One out.
>With Matt Tolbert batting, Joe Mauer picked off and caught stealing home, catcher Rob Johnson to third basemen Adrian Beltre. Two out.
Matt Tolbert reaches on fielding error by left fielder Wladimir Balentien. Justin Morneau scores. Matt Tolbert to 2nd. Two out.
Brendan Harris flies out to centerfielder Franklin Gutierrez. Three out.

A satisfactory description of the inning's events? I think not. While Gutierrez was busy making a sensational catch to rob Jason Kubel of a home run, Balentien had a chance to make two plays, and failed both times, allowing the Twins to take the lead. And in between Matt Tolbert made a desperate lunging attempt to bunt a pitchout as Joe Mauer was left a sitting duck between third and home on a suicide squeeze attempt.

And just to repeat it, that catch by Gutierrez was utterly incredible.

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  1. chang chang changity chang yippety boom do boom 24?


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