Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roster Updates

There's been a lot going on with the Twins the past few days, so this is as much for me to keep track of everything that's happened recently as it is for you readers.

==>Most notably, Luis Ayala was designated for assignment. I know he wasn't great, but I'd much rather have him than Sean Henn on the roster right now, even if it means there's only one lefty in the bullpen. Bobby Keppel got the call from AAA to replace Ayala.

==>Denard Span is headed to Rochester for a rehab assignment and will hopefully return to the Twins on Wednesday. That means Jason Pridie will be going back to AAA then, and most likely will still be hitless in his big league career. He's made just one pinch-running appearance during his Major League stint.

==>Nick Punto bruised his ribs on Saturday night sliding head first into first base--how appropriate! He might have been safe if he'd run through the base (as it's always quicker), but he definitely would not have gotten injured.

==>Justin Morneau missed his first game in almost 2 years on Sunday, after playing all 163 games last season. With the day off Monday, that makes two consecutive days of rest, but over at the Star Tribune they're only saying it's 'probable' that he'll be ready for today's game.

==>Jason Kubel was pulled from Sunday's game with flu-like symptoms. He will in all likelihood be ready for the Twins' series against the Brewers.

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  1. I haven't seen anyone slide into first base since my little league days. I'm sure he learned his lesson.

    Why was Justin Morneau missing games? Is he lethargic or fatigued? Frankly, I think he's somewhat entitled to those excuses considering he played every game in an entire season.

    You think Jason Kubel has swine flu? I mean swine flu is sooooo two months ago but I guess you never know...


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