Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twins Field AAA Lineup

There's a giant, gaping crater in the Twins lineup today. First, Matt Tolbert is leading off, despite his .274 OBP and .521 OPS coming into the game. Add in the 5-9 hitters (Delmon Young: .570 OPS, Carlos Gomez: .575, Nick Punto: .527, Scott Baker: .182 career OPS), and this lineup might be on the bench at Rochester.

Unfortunately, there's just not too much they can do about it; Baker obviously has to hit, and with Michael Cuddyer, Denard Span, and Joe Crede out, the only other options are Brian Buscher (.601 OPS) and Jose Morales and Mike Redmond, who can't play with the lack of a DH. Still, it's hard to imagine the Twins scoring too many runs today, so Baker will likely need to continue his hot pitching for them to have a chance.

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