Thursday, August 13, 2009

Joe Mauer can't do it all

Or perhaps he could have? He doubled in Denard Span in the first inning to even the game. He homered with two outs in the fifth inning to bring in three more runs and put the Twins back within one. And then in the sixth inning, if Orlando Cabrera could have simply watched three pitches go by, he would have been up with the bases loaded.

Obviously I don't advocate Cabrera purposefully striking out; I merely wanted to highlight Joe Mauer's performance. Punto's continued inability to do anything right (in this case getting a bunt down) and Cabrera's inning-ending double play ball made what could have been a huge inning into a very disappointing one. In the end, it meant the Twins lost 5-4 to the worst team in the American League.

Carl Pavano got charged with the defeat, as he gave up all five runs over seven innings. He really didn't pitch badly, though, in his second go with Minnesota. He only allowed 8 baserunners and induced 13 groundballs against 4 fly balls. He control was good, too, though it wavered a little later in the game when his pitch count was mounting. The point is, he didn't get good results, but I thought he showed better stuff than his runs allowed would indicate.

What makes this loss so embarrassing are a few things Joe C. pointed out before the game. With the victory today, the Royals took the series from the Twins, their first series win since June 25th. To make matters worse, it was their first series win against an American League team since May 8th! And at the Metrodome, no less! I wouldn't blame you if this has sapped the final wind from your sails and the rest of this season has turned into an exhibition for 2010 at Target Field to you, but I'm going to keep on hoping that the Twins can turn it around.

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  1. The final wind from my sails has now been sapped. Sorry, maybe I will regain faith in the Twins next season.


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