Monday, August 17, 2009

Plays of the Week

At the suggestion of frequent commenter Barnacle, I have decided to start posting defensive plays of the week to go with the Hot & Cold feature. I can't post the videos directly because of Major League Baseball's strict copyright laws, but I will put up pictures and link to the videos.

Usually I'll include it in the same post as Hot & Cold, but since it's the inaugural edition, I figured I'd let it stand alone.

#3- Delmon Young makes the catch in foul ground and completes the double play by nailing Alberto Callaspo at home plate. Unfortunately, even with that play, the Twins were already down 9-1 in the 4th inning.

#2- Orlando Cabrera robs Billy Butler of a base-hit, sliding to his right and getting up quickly to make a strong throw to first base. He would do it again the next day in almost the exact same fashion, but it would be too boring to have both of them on this list.

#1- Matt Guerrier attempts to start a double play, but throws low and Cabrera can't handle it. As the ball bounces away, Josh Anderson takes off for third, but Nick Punto is alert and chases the ball down and fires it to Joe Crede just in time to get Anderson out.

Oddball play of the week
: Justin Morneau strikes out and makes it all the way back to the dugout before the umpires confer and allow him to continue hitting. After looking at the ball, they determine that he did tip it (inconclusive on the replay) and that it hit the ground before Kelly Shoppach caught it (also inconclusive). With the Indians already trailing 9-0, Eric Wedge of course gets tossed and really gets his money's worth.



  2. (sigh. what i meant by the above comment, now that i've calmed down a little, is that there are too many plays here for me to absorb. you should choose one defensive play that was really amazing. i mean, it's obviously up to you, but that's all I can process. Also I'm too lazy to click on the links-- can you include the video within the blog post?)

  3. (okay well i actually clicked on the links. I really liked your #1 choice. and why is the coach so mad with the oddball play? I don't get what they're arguing about. They're so close they could make out.)

  4. I'm going to stick to three because I think it'd be too tough to just pick one every week--there are more that need to be recognized.

    And, no, I can't post the videos, as I stated in the original post. I'm glad you took the time to click on the links though. Oh, also remember that you can click on the pictures to get the full-size version.

    Finally, the coach (Eric Wedge) is mad because he thinks a) Justin Morneau should be out and b) that the ump shouldn't have reversed his original call. And yes, they were obscenely close during the argument.


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