Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Citi Field

Last Friday I ventured to Citi Field to watch Minnesota play the New York Mets, the first time I'd seen a Twins game since my trip to Yankee Stadium in August of 2008. Through some good fortune (and good connections), I managed to get free tickets in the field section. Little did I know that I also could have been on the field during batting practice; since I was late anyways, I guess it doesn't really matter.

I did not get to the game until sometime in the second inning because of New York traffic. Now, I was expecting traffic, but I left so I would get there at 6 pm. Perhaps I just don't go to New York enough, but I did not anticipate almost an hour and a half of delays. But anyways, when I arrived, I was filled in on what had happened in the first 2 innings to put the Twins ahead 1-0. Apparently I had missed Denard Span's home run to start the game, which would turn out to be the sole highlight.

Kevin Slowey had been cruising and continued to do so in the third inning, setting the Mets down in order. It unraveled quickly, however, in the fourth inning, as he allowed three runs on four hits and his own error. The game itself was pretty depressing from then on, but I thoroughly enjoyed my severely overpriced hot dog, chicken tenders, and soda. I also nabbed one of the t-shirts they shot into the stands, but, under pressure, gave it to a neighboring fan. The seat between us was empty, and it had ricocheted off the the upper deck facing and right under that seat. We both reached for it, but I grabbed it first.

Since I was clearly decked out in Twins attire, and since it was a girl (college-aged at least, not a little girl), a group of guys in front of me pressured me into giving it to her. So I handed the t-shirt, which had a Pepsi logo on the back and small Mets logo on the front, to her. If that had been a foul ball, though, there would have been no chance of me giving it away.

I was also on TV, if you consider me having to rewind and pause multiple times to spot myself and still having to doublecheck with Twin #2 to make sure it was me to be "on TV", following an Orlando Hudson foul ball in the third inning. Here it is:

Even if you know what I look like (and let's face it, anybody reading this does, because the only people who read my blog are friends and family doing me a public service), you're still probably having a hard time making me out. Here are some pictures from the game, all not great in quality because they were taken with a phone:

Before the game

Joe Mauer batting

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