Monday, July 26, 2010

A Few Quick Notes

1) Joe Mauer finally has some momentum going.  He's roped three singles today against Zack Greinke, helping stake the Twins to their current 8-0 league, and making him 15-for-37 with 6 extra base hits and 12 RBIs in 10 games since the break.

2) Danny Valencia hit a grand slam in the Twins' six-run first inning.  That marks the second day in a row that the Twins have hit a grand slam, as Jason Kubel hit one yesterday against the Orioles.

3) And lastly, Jose Guillen appears to be the laziest player ever allowed to play defense.  Danny Valencia got a double when Guillen casually traipsed after a fly ball and half-heartedly stabbed at it with his glove rather than getting his uniform dirty and diving for it.  Later, Delmon Young popped a fly ball down the right field line that Guillen sauntered after in an uninterested manner, watching it land just inches foul.  I would not want him in the field if I was a pitcher.

Edit: 10:20 PM: 4) Jason Repko has now forgotten how many outs there are twice.  He's made one excellent play and another very good one, but it's weird to see a player make that mistake.  The first time he just started to throw towards the infield after he caught the third out, so I can't be sure what he was planning to do, but the second time he threw to first in an attempt to double off a runner after he had caught the third out.

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  1. Let's go, Joe! I think in light of what could be a sweep, you should do a post on the Kansas City grounds crew.


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