Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Offseason Coverage, Football Week 5

With the Twins' season now complete, the blogging here will obviously take a different shape.  The posting won't be quite as frequent, but between offseason ideas and news, yearly summaries, and completely unrelated topics, there will still be a good amount of content.  Of course, if you've been reading this blog for a while now (okay, that's just one person, Dallas E.), you know the yearly summary content is anything but timely.  Keep checking back, however, as we'll have new stuff a few times a week.

And now, my new favorite thing, the horrible fantasy team that smashed yours in week 5 (explanation here):

QB - Carson Palmer, 13.66
RB - Brandon Jackson, 14.00
RB - Willis McGahee, 12.70
WR - Percy Harvin, 21.70
WR - Mike Sims-Walker, 10.60
TE - Marcedes Lewis, 17.40
W/R - Nate Washington, 8.40
K - Jay Feely, 13.00
DEF - Tennessee, 12.00

It beat the following seemingly incredible team by almost 100:

QB - Matt Schaub, 4.74 (16.88)
RB - Arian Foster, 2.70 (18.99)
RB - Maurice Jones-Drew, 9.30 (18.71)
WR - Greg Jennings, 2.20 (11.37)
WR - Anquan Boldin, 0.80 (9.58)
TE - Dallas Clark, 2.00 (10.77)
W/R - Chad Ochocinco, 2.00 (9.48)
K - Neil Rackers, 4.00 (8.38)
DEF - San Diego, 3.00 (10.82)

As always, the point is even the best team can have a horrid week, and even a terrible team can break out for a week.  Even if the amazing team lived up to its hype and scored 114.98 points, it would have lost to the top team by nine, 123.46 to 114.98.

Sometimes players play exactly how you expect, though.  Take the Carolina-Chicago matchup.  I predicted terrible quarterback performances on both sides, and that's exactly what happened:

Todd Collins: 6-16, 32 yards, 4 Int, 2 sacks
Jimmy Clausen: 9-22, 61 yards, 1 Int, 5 sacks, 3 fumbles

It's not just 49ers fans who would like to see David Carr as their quarterback.

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