Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ball Fever Improves to 3-1

After playing 3 close games to start the season, Ball Fever needed a game like this against AWS.  Clearly over-matched, AWS brought in two ringers to make the game at least quasi-competitive, but Ball Fever still cruised to a 51-38 victory.  That marked a huge season high in points scored, and also a season high in points allowed.

AWS actually managed to score the first basket, but that lead did not last long--about half a minute--and proved to be their only one of the game.  The first half featured threes raining down courtesy of Rorogomono, a slew of missed defensive assignments as Ball Fever attempted to play man defense, another great shooting performance from Evan Egri, and a really mean block of one girl's shot by M.A. Clay.  A silly foul 25 feet from the basket put LexDak on the line with a second left, and he drained both free throws to give Ball Fever a 29-21 lead at the half.

Ball Fever opened the second period strong, coming out in their signature zone defense and quickly scoring the first eight points to open up a 16-point lead.  AWS rallied after a timeout, answering with eight consecutive points of their own, as understandably lackadaisical defense by Ball Fever offered them some easy opportunities.  They were just as happy to launch misguided 3-pointers, though, putting up 22 for the game and only making 2.

Clay was an assist machine in the second half, finding LexDak many times, as Dak led the team with 16 points on 7-of-11 shooting.  The second half was full of firsts, some good and some bad--Sleaze notched his first career steal and Bernstein Bear reached double digits in rebounds for the first time, but Rorogomono also wimpishly flopped at half-court and got a foul called on an opposing female player.  It was a fun game, but Ball Fever's game tomorrow against North Ballers figures to be much more competitive.


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  1. One rebound. One steal. One block. And one turnover. That's a quadruple-single right there, boy.



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