Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Most Disappointing Victory

It was finally here--the game Ball Fever players had circled on their calendars since as soon as the IM basketball schedule was published.  Pumped up and ready to take on their arch-rival, Tip Drill, which is the Frisbee team's IM basketball team, they headed to the gym for their first home game of the season.  And they did not come back empty-handed, leaving with a decisive victory to put Ball Fever in great position for the playoffs at 5-1.

Unfortunately, that victory was earned via forfeit.  As Frisbee practice was scheduled for the same time, not one soul from Tip Drill managed to find their way to the court.  It was a very disappointing result, especially considering the incessant trash talk coming from Tip Drill's players as recently as Wednesday.  They will certainly not see Tip Drill in the playoffs either, as the forfeit kept them winless on the season.

Now Ball Fever will play their only home game on Tuesday, against the team of professors, professors' husbands, and assorted other older people from around town.  With the forfeit by Tip Drill, this is certainly the most anticipated game of the season.  They'll need all the support they can get Tuesday at 8:45 PM in LeFrak gymnasium, so show up.  Kivellian, Evan Egri requests your presence!

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