Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NL All-Star Rosters

So I'm late with these, as per usual.  And because of that, the stats as of the All-Star break are no longer available, meaning I can't really go into the reasoning for my selections.  I made the selections for the National League at the same time I made them for the American League, but I didn't record the relevant statistics; therefore, there will be no explanations.


Catcher: Brian McCann - Atlanta, Miguel Montero - Arizona

First Base: Joey Votto - Cincinatti

Second Base: Danny Espinosa - Washington, Rickie Weeks - Milwaukee

Third Base: Aramis Ramirez - Chicago

Shortstop: Jose Reyes - New York (injured), Troy Tulowitzki - Colorado, Jimmy Rollins - Philadelphia (replacement)

Left Field: Lance Berkman - St. Louis, Matt Holliday - St. Louis (replacement)

Center Field: Matt Kemp - Los Angeles, Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh, Shane Victorino (injured)

Right Field: Ryan Braun - Milwaukee (injured), Justin Upton - Arizona (replacement)

Designated Hitter: Prince Fielder - Milwaukee

1. Matt Kemp - CF
2. Troy Tulowitzki - SS
3. Joey Votto - 1B
4. Prince Fielder - DH
5. Lance Berkman - LF
6. Justin Upton - RF
7. Brian McCann - C
8. Aramis Ramirez - 3B
9. Danny Espinosa- 2B

Starting Pitcher: Roy Halladay - Philadelphia, Matt Cain - San Francisco, Cole Hamels - Philadelphia, Tommy Hanson - Atlanta, Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles, Cliff Lee - Philadelphia, Tim Lincecum - San Francisco

Relief Pitcher: Mike Adams - San Diego, Joel Hanrahan - Pittsburgh, Craig Kimbrel - Atlanta, Jonny Venters - Atlanta

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