Friday, September 16, 2011

Twins 2011 Word Search

With the Twins 2011 season slowly lurching to a close, we need something to distract us.  And then we finish it, to remind us what we were distracting ourselves from.  That's why I've made this word search, which features every player to play with the Twins this season, plus their manager.  Then, when you're done, write out all the letters that weren't circled for a secret message (how exciting! [it's not]).

Every player is listed by their last name only.  Any two players who have the same last name have their first initial included too.  Have fun!

Click to enlarge

Answer key to be posted sometime in the next few days.  I would have put it right below this, but it's too easy to see the circled players by accident when scrolling through.

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  1. Its very Nice Puzzle I like it, Keep it up Looking forward to it else i am wondering if you could make some for IT personal else check out the Custom applications for more Games.....!!!


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