Saturday, November 17, 2007

So Long, Christopher!

The Twins announced that they had unconditionally released third-string catcher and perenially useless player Chris Heintz. In previous years, Heintz had taken up the 25th spot on the roster for no reason but Gardenhire's inane fear of catchers getting injuries. Finally, with the emergence of Jose Morales, there was no need to keep Heintz any longer. As a career .232/.267/.268 hitter (granted, in only 82 at bats) who went 1-14 in throwing runners out last season, he really added nothing to the team.

Down in the Arizona Fall League, Nick Blackburn has been quite impressive. Blackburn will start the championship game for the Phoenix Desert Dogs. With his improved play, there is also the slight possibility he will be a starter for the Twins next year. Although this is unlikely, he will be given a shot in Spring Training and at least has a decent shot to make the team as a long reliever.

In MLB news, Alex Rodriguez signed with the Yankees for $275 million over ten years, with incentives. So he didn't get $350 million and he didn't leave the Yankees. What was all this drama about? In the end, nothing really happened. He denied a 3-year, $81 extension, which is about $27 million per year, the same amount as his new contract. Really, he was just extended for seven years at the same amount. Did that really deserve all that attention?

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