Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Market Active, Twins Not

So far, the Twins have yet to make any really significant moves this offseason, except for the dream I had last night where Johan Santana was traded to the Dodgers for about six players (I can't remember who). I woke up and quickly found out that nothing of the sort had actually occurred. However, many other teams have been making noteworthy news, some pertaining to imminently departing Twin Torii Hunter.
  • Both the White Sox and Rangers have met with Hunter and begun, at least preliminarily, contract negotiations with him. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Hunter could reach a deal with the White Sox by the end of the week, but he has since denied that claim. In my opinion, I would rather see Torii play for any other team except the Yankees.
  • The White Sox did complete a trade with the Angels, though, sending pitcher Jon Garland to Los Angeles for Gold Glove shortstop Orlando Cabrera. Let's hope the Twins can start making some big moves, because the White Sox and Tigers are both very active already.
  • The Yankees managed to re-sign another of their key players, this time inking Mariano Rivera to a 3-year, $45 million deal. After all the hoop-lah about the Yankee players not being happy with the managerial situation, most have already re-signed. As is often the case, money talked loudest.
  • On the other side of the rivalry, Mike Lowell agreed to a 3-year, $37 million contract with the World Champion Boston Red Sox. After reportedly considering a 4-year deal worth about $50 million from the Phillies, he decided to stay in Boston. It seems like the Twins, even if they had shown interest, didn't have a realistic shot of signing Lowell.
  • Former Twin Luis Castillo signed a 4-year deal for $25 million with the Mets. Obviously, the Twins weren't going to offer him a contract in that vicinity so they almost certainly would have lost him at the end of the year anyways.
  • Two all-time great pitchers who spent most of their careers with the Braves also agreed to deals recently. Tom Glavine will return to Atlanta for $8 million next season. The contract seems based mostly on reputation, and perhaps on the paltry free agent market, because Glavine is not worth that much at this point. Greg Maddux will make $10 million in 2008 after re-signing with the Padres.

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