Friday, January 25, 2008

More on the Press Conference

According to Morneau, the negotiations started about a week ago, after the arbitration deal was reached. Both Bill Smith and Justin Morneau repeatedly talked about the timing being right and how fast the deal was reached. Smith also continually mentioned the fact that Morneau and Michael Cuddyer both wanted to stay in Minnesota and that the organization wanted to keep them in Minnesota.

Asked if he was getting right field or centerfield money, Cuddyer said he didn't know but that Gardy "might have just been saying some stuff" regarding his crazy comments about Cuddyer playing center. It didn't really sound like he was too interested despite saying he was up for any challenge. When Bill Smith was asked about Johan Santana, he again pushed the position that they wished to keep him in the organization, but if that didn't work they would have to move forward.

Incidentally, Morneau's six-year deal (confirmed by Morneau) is the longest in team history. The exact figures are still unknown, but it seems to be in the range of $75-$80 million. Cuddyer's deal is for 3 years and approximately $23 million, with a club option for a fourth year.

I agree with Bill Smith, it's great to have these guys signed!

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