Monday, February 25, 2008

Liriano Arrives

At long last, Francisco Liriano will report to camp. This Wednesday, Twins fans will finally be able to see Liriano practice with the team and prepare for his first game in a year and a half. I use the term 'see' loosely, as most Twins fans won't be in Fort Myers to actually watch him (I certainly won't), but the idea is the same. A practice, even a February 26th practice, seems that much brighter with the electric arm of Francisco Liriano involved. How spectacular would it be if he could move right into Santana's spot? Is it impossible? No. Is it implausible? Probably. Still, I have my hopes up and will have a hard time if Liriano does not immediately meet my (unreasonable) expectations.

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  1. Liriano hit 97 a couple times the other day, and he was hitting 92-94 consistently.

    Also, someday we should go to spring training. It seems like a lot of fun.


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