Friday, April 10, 2009

New site design!

So I decided I was getting tired of this blog's appearance and thus was looking at different templates to use. Upon doing so, I realized I picked out just about the worst template available. It's pretty boring and I don't know what that star and random number at the top are supposed to be.

Anyhow, I've looked at some, but due to the fact that they all look like considerable upgrades to me, I can't decide which is best. Please look at them and leave your comments. Keep in mind that I can change all the font colors and such, so consider the layout, design, background colors and text style most.

Dots- Dark
Dots- Light
Son of Moto
TicTac Blue
Minima Blue

Edit (5:32 PM): I guess you can only see those previews if you're me... so I'll see if I can put them as pictures in case someone actually does try to view them (unlikely though).


  1. i like thisaway and tic tac blue. son of moto is also pretty good.

  2. you big buffoon

  3. ryans such a dumbass

  4. i prefer mike

  5. Son of moto sucks. I like dark dots and thisaway.

  6. I liked Scribe, but any of them are fine, I don't really care.


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