Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rock Cats Videos

Yesterday I made my first trip to see a New Britain Rock Cats (the Twins' AA affiliate) game. Twin #2 scores games there officially (for an independent company), so he's at almost every home game, but it was my first chance to see the likes of Danny Valencia, Brian Dinkelman, Rene Tosoni, Rob Delaney, Anthony Slama, and the rest of the Rock Cats play in person. I was fortunate in that I got to see both Delaney and Slama pitch, and the Rock Cats eke out a 6-5 victory. Tosoni hit a three-run homer and Valencia also hit a home run. Jay Rainville and Frank Mata combined to give up five runs through six innings, but Delaney pitched 2 scoreless innings and Slama closed it out for the save.

I also attempted to take videos of the game, but the quality was very poor as I was using a cell phone camera. All in all I thought I did a pretty good job filming, but there's only so much I could do with such a low quality camera.

Valencia had already homered and singled, but unfortunately I got his groundout to third in the 7th inning against the Binghamton Mets' Stephen Clyne.
Pitch-by-pitch: Ball, Ball, Foul, Ground out

Delaney then pitched the bottom of seventh and struck out the side. I'm actually not sure what I filmed, because I didn't get nearly every pitch, but the play-by-play of the inning is as follows: Lucas Duda strikes out, Shawn Bowman strikes out, D.J. Wabick doubles, Josh Peterson strikes out. Oh, and the ball I completely lose and frantically search for was a foul ball that was well out of play.

After Delaney pitched another scoreless inning, Slama came in for the save. He gave up a line drive single, but then got a strikeout and double play to end the game. I missed the final pitch of his strikeout (a called strike) because I thought the batter had already struck out, but that was the only pitch of the inning that I didn't get. This video is two parts.
Pitch-by-pitch: Called strike, Single; Ball, Swinging strike, Ball, Swinging Strike, Called strike (not in video)

Pitch-by-pitch: Called strike, Ball, Swinging strike, GIDP

Sorry about the quality, but I hope the descriptions helped you at least follow what was going on. If I had a better camera of any sort, I would have used that!

Oh, and click here if you want to see the videos on Youtube.


  1. The quality of the videos isn't too bad. Frankly I'm more surprised that the Rock Cats managed to win a game.

  2. I'm surprised that people actually watch Rocking Dogs games. I mean rock cats.

  3. They're actually 24-24 (before today's game), so they're not that bad. I don't know why Twin #1 gives you the idea that they're horrible.

  4. haha, well every single time I talk to him the Rock Cats are losing and since he's doing the home games it's made me feel like home field advantage doesn't exist in New Britain.

  5. At the time of Cortne's comment, the Rock Cats were 5-8 in games I had attended which isn't particularly good. Also, they lost the first 4 games I went to, which could be considered a bad first impression that they made on her.

  6. Obviously I meant Twin #2.


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