Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Franchise rankings

[If you missed it, Twin #2 added part 2 of his monthly Minor League summary to the end of his original post. Be sure to check it out!]

ESPN recently released it's annual survey of all the major professional franchises and the Twins ranked a very respectable #23 out of the 122 franchises. That was good enough for fourth among Major League Baseball franchises, behind the Angels (who were first overall), Brewers (7), and Rays (16), and just ahead of the Phillies (24). The Yankees, to my delight, ranked last among baseball teams at #107.

The Twins also placed first among the Minnesota franchises, ranking well ahead of the Wild (66), Vikings (89), and Timberwolves (113). I'd share much more information, but in order to read any more about the Twins, I'd have to sign up for ESPN Insider.

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  1. wait... what's a franchise?? I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the Twins are ACTUALLY ahead at something! "franchises" must be completely unrelated to how good they are at playing baseball..


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