Friday, October 9, 2009


There's times when it's a very good thing this is a blog and not a more formal medium. Because sometimes your team goes out there and totally outplays the best team in the league at home. Because sometimes your team goes out there and plays eight innings of wonderful baseball. Because sometimes your team's pitcher goes out there and pitches like an ace against the most potent lineup in baseball. Because sometimes your team loads the bases with no one out in extra innings. And because sometimes, despite all that, they lose.

And you want to scream profanities at the umpire who missed a call terribly that might have cost your team the game. You want to tell him what an unbelievable idiot he is; how his ONLY FREAKING JOB is to stare at that line and determine whether the ball was to the left or right of it; how you've never seen an umpire ever miss a call like that before; how even the grandmother in the upper deck could tell that he was a total imbecile.

And you want to lambaste Joe Nathan, who couldn't even get one out before he wasted your team's entire effort. And you want to berate Delmon Young and Carlos Gomez for their stunning inability to bring a runner from third with less than two outs. You want to forcefully remind Delmon that he could have grounded into a double play and still given the Twins the lead.

But you also want to cry as your team loses their ninth game in nine tries to the same time. You want to brood for hours as you realize they've lost 28 of their last 31 games at Yankee Stadium. You want to mope around, knowing they just lost their fourth game in walk-off fashion, their fifth game by one run, and that they lead in all six games played at that stadium this year.

You want to take your anger out on everyone else as all of this happens against the team you hate most of all, the team you despise almost as much as you like the Twins, and as you ponder the jeers you'll hear the next day from said fans.

But then you remind yourself that it's just a baseball game--that there are more important things. Sure, you've spent massive amounts of time following them for the last five months and you've blogged endlessly about them, but you just remember that it's only baseball. And it doesn't matter.

Or at least you try to.

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