Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My computer has at long last arrived, and it feels pretty awesome. I'd like to put a picture of it online, but I don't have a camera and my computer can't take a picture of itself, so we'll see if that happens. Right now I'm in the process of transferring all my old files and programs onto the computer, and that should be done today or tomorrow, at which point blogging will finally become a regular pattern again. I still don't expect to be writing daily, with the offseason generally having little action, but you can certainly expect more volume than in the past month or two. Not from Twin #2, though; he has no excuse other than laziness.

And the more relevant news to the baseball world is that Zack Greinke won the AL Cy Young, and it wasn't close at all. Congratulations to him and to the baseball writers for getting this one right on the button.

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  1. too sexy for your shirt?11/18/09, 6:12 PM

    haha you're so mean! criticizing your own staff on your blog.


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