Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2 Quick Things

1. As I learned over the weekend, the Cleveland Indians have, without a doubt, the league's most boring announcers.  They should have put a graphic in the corner of the screen: "The Indians are doing badly this year.  We no longer care about the season in general or this game in particular."  I thought it was bad when the Royals' commentators were continually discussing how good their grounds crew was; at least they were making an effort.  During Indians broadcasts I sat through long silences that were interrupted by only the most mundane of comments.

2. For some reason I found this play-by-play description on Yahoo's box score subtly hilarious.  A picture of Rios sitting down next to the base and doing a butterfly stretch while getting tagged out comes to mind.

3rd  A Rios singled to deep left, A Ramirez scored, A Rios out stretching at second.  0  3

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