Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joe Posnanski Agrees

I know, I know.  Yet again a long outdated post.  But it's summer cleaning before I go back to school and have no time to catch up on stuff like this.  Plus at least I post at all.

During the World Cup (you remember it?  That 4-week period where I and other Americans suddenly cared about soccer, and everyone who actually cared about soccer hated us for it?), I wrote a lengthy article on the travesty that prevented Ghana from reaching the semifinals.  I lamented that there was no appropriate penalty for what Luis Suarez did to prevent a goal.  So I was very excited to see Joe Posnanski wrote pretty much the exact same article, albeit better and exponentially more widely read.

Still, nobody inside the game of soccer--players, coaches, former players, analysts--cared at all.  In fact, most of them praised Suarez's ingenuity.  But it was great to see that Posnanski, one of the country's most respected sports writers, and other media members felt exactly how I did.

And don't worry, soon enough I will go back to writing about the Twins, once I have finished catching up on these old things I've put off for far too long.

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  1. Gosh, more soccer posts. It's great that Joe Posnanski agrees, because it was a real travest, but I thought this was a Twins blog. Btw, great win last night, eh?


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