Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Hot Dog Eating Contest

Before I get started on this post, I have to share my thoughts on Glen Perkins.  After a poor showing yesterday, I would not be surprised to never see him again in a Twins uniform.  The guy struggled mightily in 2009, apparently did not communicate properly about any injuries he had last season, and then filed a grievance against the Twins, all before he started throwing batting practice at AAA this year.  Now he finally got another opportunity with Minnesota, and not only does he predictably piece together an awful start, he hit Carlos Quentin twice, presumably on purpose.  The last time a Twins pitcher purposefully threw at an opposing hitter, he was verbally attacked by a very angry Delmon Young, and the rest of the team backed Young up, including Ron Gardenhire.  I just don't see how all of that adds up to Perkins getting another game in a Twins uniform, even if he is a homegrown product.

On the other hand, the latest news that Jose Mijares is headed to the DL means he may stick around a little longer.  I have to agree with Nick Nelson on this one, as Perkins has no business on a big-league roster.


To continue yesterday's theme of completing posts that have been in my queue for far too long, I wanted to write about our family's annual hot dog-eating competition.  It was started in 2008, and we've now done each of the last 3 years on 4th of July weekend.  This year, with July 4th being a Sunday, we did on Independence Day itself, although it was expanded to include friends since most of the family was in Spain.

The Family & Friends Hebrew National Hot Dog Eating Contest is different from the official competition you see on ESPN.  For one, we use Hebrew National hot dogs rather than Nathan's, simply because they are the most delicious.  The more significant change is that we only have four minutes to eat as many was we can, since none of us are professional eaters and thus do not want to subject ourselves to ten minutes of torture.  Otherwise, though, the rules are the same.  Competitors are allowed an unlimited amount of the drink of their choice, but dunking the buns is HIGHLY discouraged.  This is because Non-Twin #1 (our little sister) used that strategy in the inaugural competition, proceeded to almost vomit, and cost everyone about a full minute of eating due to the hilarity of the situation.

To the results, though:

1. Twin #1 - 6 hot dogs and buns
2. Twin #2 - 4 hot dogs and buns
3. J.A. Canada - 3 hot dogs and buns
4. Dallas E. - 1 hot dog and bun

As much as I would like to revel in my victory, I must admit that none of the other contenders took it seriously this year.  On the other hand, I did still break the record (which previously was 5 1/2) and had to stop because we ran out of hot dogs, due to the number the six spectators ate.  Not that I could have eaten another six, but I easily could have downed another half a hot dog and maybe a whole one.  We do measure down to 1/8 inch preciseness--it just so happened no one ate a partial hot dog.

Yet again it was a fun event and I hope it continues to be an annual tradition.


  1. Congrats on your victory in the H-dog contest. I'll have to get the "former vegan" perspective from P. Drost.

  2. i thought dunking would be helpful...


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