Thursday, October 7, 2010

Game 1 on Repeat

At some point, doesn't the story just get old?  The Twins score.  The Yankees score more.  The Twins tie.  The Yankees score more.  The end.

The list of stats can go on and on.  11 straight playoff losses.  21 straight playoff games without a comeback win.  8 straight playoff losses to the Yankees, and they've scored first in every single one.  Outscored 18-2 from the seventh inning on in their last 6 against the Yankees.

You would think something would have to give.  I complained about the non-strike call on Lance Berkman in the seventh, and the subsequent bunt single by Brett Gardner and half-swing bloop single by Derek Jeter can't exactly be chalked up to the Yankees' superior ability... but at some point, you have to admit something is going on.  Not something that can be quantified, just some sort of immeasurable advantage the Yankees have over the Twins.

Once again, I'm broken.  I really thought the Twins would come out, beat up on Andy Pettitte, and prove they belonged.  Now they have to go to New York and win two games in that death knell of a stadium before coming back and needing one more at Target Field (is 'more' correct if they've yet to win one there?).  Earlier today I wrote of my remaining confidence; now I write that it has all dissipated.  I'll watch, but I'm not expecting much.  I'll root and cheer, but I'm not expecting anything more than a lead in the early innings that will disappear by the time the late innings roll around.  I'll hope, but I'm not expecting it to be rewarded.

I don't really believe Minnesota has a chance at this point.  My confidence is completely shattered.  Your move, Twins.

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  1. Twins in five huh? Got their work cut out for them.


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