Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lotsa Hot Dogs

So in perusing old blog entries, I came across my post about last year's hot dog eating contest, and I realized I didn't enlighten our readers about the competition from this year.  And, considering that anyone reading this was likely in the contest, you probably are interested in it.

The 2011 hot dog competition was held in Northeast D.C. and featured 4 competitors and one spectator/photographer, Evan Egri.  Despite my best efforts, I could not convince Evan Egri, a vegetarian of about fifteen years, to participate.  So it was the four of us, Twin #2, Dallas E., Buzz B, and myself, competing for the title of 2011 Family & Friends Hebrew National Hot Dog Eating Contest champion.

The dogs were cooked and ready to go, the timer was set, and the participants were hungry--it was time to start.  From the opening moment, it was clear who was, again, taking it most seriously.  I had made a point to not eat since the night before, and to drink plenty of water to expand my stomach.  In the meantime, the other participants gorged themselves on Fourth of July waffles that morning, which admittedly looked quite delicious.

Therefore, it was no surprise when I claimed victory in the fourth annual competition.  I inhaled a record 6 1/8 hot dogs and buns, while Twin #2 placed second with 5 1/4.  Although that may seem close, the contest was never really in doubt as I took an early lead and held on to it throughout.  Buzz B did not put in much effort whatsoever, and came in a distant third with 2 1/8 hot dogs and buns.  Buzz B was followed by Dallas E., who put forth a similarly disappointing effort and came in fourth with only 2.

I'm looking forward to next year already.


  1. Where is the "names were removed for the protection of the participants." At least that way when you butchered my name into I-don't-know-what I could at least sound a little famous, or at the minimum someone who appeared on "America's Most Wanted." FYI, I am in Amsterdam right now and I'm reading your blog - that is commitment. Also, first sentence is spot on.

  2. Thanks for the commitment! But you said yourself you liked Evan Egri, that it sounded like a cologne or something.


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