Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Twins' Fan Christmas List

With Thanksgiving having just passed, it's now officially the Christmas season, a joyous reprieve from the cold, dark, and depressingly short days of winter.  That also means it's that time of year when your family members are trying to figure out what that perfect gift will be.  Well, consider this a cheat sheet (in no particular order) for the Twins' fan in your family or friend group.

1. Winter Hat
Any self-respecting Twins fan will already have the classic style baseball cap, but it's getting too cold for that to be comfortable.  With this, they'll be able to stay warm and sport their team pride as well.  But please, don't make the mistake of getting this:
They may never forgive you.

2. Tie
For the professional Twins fan (though not too professional), this fits perfectly.  Unable to wear their sport their Twins fandom on any other part of their work outfit, they can show their support on their tie.  Or, for the high-rolling professional, spring for the silk tie.

3. Sweatshirt
I already have a Twins sweatshirt, but otherwise this is a great option.  There are a number of different styles (zip-up, pullover, hooded, etc.), and a number of different designs.  Figure out what type of sweatshirt the Twins fan on your list likes and be sure they can count a sweatshirt among their wardrobe.

4. Player/Custom T-Shirt
There are so many t-shirts, and just about any one of them would make a good gift, but why not customize and provide your recipient with exactly what they want?  Do they want their name and favorite number on their t-shirt?  Do they long to relive Nick Punto's Twins days with a #8 Punto jersey?  Do they prefer an obscure #54 Ryan jersey to harken back to Michael Ryan's short-lived Twins career?  Do they want to celebrate Tsuyoshi's Nishioka explosion onto the American baseball scene with... er, never mind.  But it's all up to you with this option.

5. Joe Mauer Shirt
For the unabashed Joe Mauer fan who, despite his rough 2011 season, has never wavered.  It's not going to be as popular a shirt as it would have been in other years, but for the fan who has defended him the whole year and would like to continue to show his support, it makes a perfect gift.  Just remember that even the most avid Mauer fan will not want this:
Seriously, what is the point?

6. Twins T-Shirt
Are you trying to convince your significant other to become a Twins fan?  Surprise her by purchasing a Twins t-shirt for her!  She may not like it, but how else will you make any progress in converting her?

7. iPhone Case
If they want to dress themselves in Twins clothes, they probably also want to dress their belongings in Twins paraphernalia.  Help them out by getting them a case for their iPhone (or Droid or iPod or Kindle) that will display their Minnesota pride.  Don't let them carry their electronics around in a generic case anymore!

8. Throw Blanket
Again, help them stay warm this winter with a sporty Twins blanket.  When they're laying in bed it will keep their spirits up by reminding them of the beautiful spring days ahead when the Twins will take the field again.

9. Refridgerator
One of the crown jewels of gifts for Twins fans, this one breaks the bank at $500.  But if you have the means, and your recipient won't feel guilty accepting it, this is a fantastic option.  They can keep their snacks and drinks cool right by their favorite chair while they watch their team play.

I've outlined some of the best gift ideas, but don't limit yourself to those.  There are a ton more accessories available, from cups to glasses to light switch covers, and each Twins fan will want something different.


  1. I'll take one of each. Even the bad gifts.

  2. The Mauer shirt looks awesome. Is that dry fit? I think it would be awesome having a line of shirts with the past HOF’ers on it!??


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