Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

Now, obviously, it's a long way before the start of both the real and fantasy baseball season.  But to pass the long months until then (and because I was eliminated from competition in both of my legitimate fantasy football leagues today), I have joined a fantasy baseball mock draft through the Baseball Blogger's Alliance.

We'll be drafting for a standard 5x5 rotisserie league.  There are 14 teams and we'll be going through 16 rounds, enough to draft 9 position players and 7 pitchers.  Each pick can last as many as 8 hours, so it could take a while.  Of course, it also may go much faster.  Depending on how quickly it goes, I'll be updating here on my selections.  Jeff Furtah, of BleacherGM.com, is running the draft and will be providing updates throughout the process.


  1. Exactly the piece of information I was looking for! Thanks so much!

  2. I finished my projections on Analysis around the Horn.

    2012 Mock Draft, Review & Recap


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