Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quick Santana Update

I've been following the Johan Santana trade rumors almost 24/7 the past couple days (though I did manage to make it to Georgetown's 61-49 victory in the Battle of the Jesuits against Fairfield). Sorry I haven't posted anything, but there is just so much going on, I don't know what specifically to post about.

At this point, I would be happy accepting pitching prospect Phillip Hughes, centerfielder Melky Cabrera, outfield prospect Austin Jackson, and shortstop prospect Alberto Gonzalez from the Yankees, but I'm not sure they're offering that much. Reports right now are that they're offering Hughes, Cabrera, and a prospect not named Chamberlain, Kennedy, Tabata, or Horne. There were also some more talks with the Red Sox at some point today. According to Buster Olney, the Red Sox had some "new ideas" in these talks, but gave no hint to what those were, and I have not found any rumors anywhere of something changing from the package of Lester, Lowrie, Crisp, and Masterson/Bowden.

One last note: it is really annoying me how Red Sox and Yankee fans are acting like it would be better for the other team to get Santana. Yes, I understand how it is better to force the other team to give up more prospects by getting into a bidding war with them. However, this does not mean that the other team is getting worse by acquiring Santana. I just don't understand how these fans can be happy about their rival acquiring the best pitcher in the game.

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