Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What alien creature infiltrated Craig Monroe's body...

and suddenly turned its host into Minnesota's most important player? Really--how does Craig Monroe single-handedly provide the offense for the Twins in yesterday's game after doing close to nothing for the first three weeks of the season?

Well, however it happened, it sure happened at a good time. Monroe hit his first home run and added two more hits, along with three RBIs, in order to carry the offense. Just when everybody was calling for his head (OK, it wasn't that bad, but only because he hadn't been playing much and didn't have an opportunity to show off his suckiness), all of a sudden he is hitting .300. He's been under a lot of scrutiny since his signing, because of how the Twins overpaid, but maybe he should be given more of a chance. Or perhaps I'll change my mind when he plays next time and goes 0-5 with four strikeouts.

Oh, you say someone did do that yesterday? Carlos Gomez, you say? His batting average has plummeted all the way into the .230 range and he's not drawing walks or hitting for power really. How much are the Twins willing to watch him struggle? Obviously, there has to be some limit; if he were to hit .050 for the next month, he wouldn't stay in the majors. But the real question is, where exactly is this limit?

The bullpen was great in following Livan Hernandez. Joe Nathan moved to a perfect 7 for 7 in save opportunities. Jason Kubel had a very bloopy bloop single to center to drive in the game-winning run in the eighth inning. All in all, a solid win to get back to .500.

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