Thursday, December 6, 2007

Get Ned Colletti on the Phone

Please, Bill Smith, talk to the Dodgers. If they are willing to pay Johan, then I see a great trade developing there. The Dodgers just signed Andruw Jones to a 2 year, $36 million deal, which gives them four outfielders: Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, and Andruw Jones. The Dodgers were shopping Kemp before they got Jones, so now he is most certainly available. Apparently, they don't like his attitude, but for a guy who has put up the numbers he has, I don't care. Of course, I'm assuming he can play at least an adequate centerfield. I really have no idea how good his defense is, but I know he's played some center in the majors, so it's certainly a possibility. The Dodgers also have Andy LaRoche, a 3rd base prospect with great power potential. For some reason, the Dodgers are nonetheless looking for a 3rd basemen (I heard maybe because of back problems????), so he seems to be available as well. There we go: 2 huge holes, plugged by 2 ML-ready guys with a lot of POWER potential, something the Twins have been missing for far too long. I'm drooling over this deal already...

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